Friday, May 13, 2011


Out in the wilds of western Virginia, at the moment. It's raining, so we made a trip into town.

"What are you doing out there?" you might wonder. A couple of things. We had performances at a school in Charles Town, West Virginia (not to be confused with Charleston, WV!). They went very well, by the way -- great school with great kids.

But we stayed on because (1) we are attending a work weekend at the summer camp that our older daughter attends and (2) I am researching wildflowers of the area for the new show.

Yes, yes. I can do that in a book. But it's actually nicer to see them in person, and make sure I am being phenologically accurate.


Phenology is the art of timing within nature. The trees that set their buds at a specific time, the eggs that hatch at a specific time, the birds that migrate at a specific time. Timing. (The key to comedy, my husband would say.) And very important to have accurate in the show I am building. As the show is very setting-specific, I have to make sure my science is as accurate as possible. There is nothing like having a show based on science and having someone correct you post-show. (And if a kid knew something specific...they would tell you without any filtering!) I haven't had that experience and am eager to avoid it!

Hopefully, the rain will stop, and I will have a chance to study wildflowers in the wild. I have my guidebooks, my camera, and am ready to go!

I haven't had much in the way of access in the past week, so it's been tricky with the blogging. I have, however, been continuing to document "stuff," and will be able to do double-posts ALL of next week!

So...stay tuned!

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