About Me

Hi -- I'm Heidi! I'm a puppeteer, puppet builder, mom, the family chef, homeschooling parent, writer, workshop leader, artist, director, and so many other things. I fell in love with puppets as a child, and I built many puppets while I was in elementary school. In college, I reconnected with this childhood "sweetheart," so to speak, and things have never been the same.

I founded my own company in 1997 and have traveled all over the East Coast (and beyond!) sharing performances and workshops with many wonderful people of all ages. The company has grown over the years, and so has my family! I have decided to commit to doing a "365 Project" as a way to reconnect with the more playful side of my medium: puppetry.

What is a 356 project, you ask? Well, it's a personal commitment you make to doing something (usually of a creative nature) every day for an entire year. You can do it for less time -- or longer! -- but most are a year in length. My friend Noah Scalin introduced me to the idea (he even wrote a book about it), and there are other links on the home page with examples of other 365 projects people have undertaken.

I'm starting this journey on my birthday -- February 4th -- as a way of reconnecting with the simply joys of my medium.