Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day #47: Creepy, crawly...

I love spiders. I realize that this is really weird.

I was a docent at the Natural History Museum for a while and gave tours to the spider exhibit to Kindergartners. It was a temporary exhibit and totally creepy. The colors were what really did it. Black. Gray. Red. Yikes!

But I learned a LOT about spiders and the many kinds of spiders. There is even an artist with a 365 Spider Project that I enjoy -- she makes a spider every day out of a variety of materials. They are lovely creations: delicate, detailed, intricate, beautiful. Spiders can be all of these things.

But to so many people they are creepy.

We have a rule in our house to NOT kill spiders. This is difficult to explain to my children's friends when they come over. I often have to rescue spiders. I remember when a friend of my older daughter came over to play. She was not too keen on the cute funnel spider that had made its home in the radiator of our bathroom. Oh well. I had to take it outside or risk an accident. She was ever after suspicious of our bathroom!

So today we have a spider: the simple glove spider. Two gloves, two hands and go!


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  1. That's neat, I never realized how easy it is to do a spider with both hands...

    If i see something in the house that looks like potentially a brown recluse, I usually kill it, because I'm afraid the cats will play with it and get bitten. I've also had to kill spiders to put them out of misery after a cat's been at them... mostly though, we try to relocate bugs outside rather than kill them, and this includes spiders.
    I even let the black widow we had in the backyard live, but it gave me one hell of a scare when I first found it!