Monday, March 14, 2011

Day #39: A Radishingly Beautiful Ballerina

Well, yesterday's ballerina was a bit of a...well, a dog. During dinner tonight, I noticed a vase of seedpods. I love seedpods; they look so alien, some look so bizarre. These particular seedpods look like this:

If you know what this actually is, please let me know. I just like the way they look!

As I was looking at it, I noticed that if you were to invert the looks a lot like a tutu. What can I say? I just have ballerinas on the brain. I do have two daughters and my house has been swathed in pink crinoline for a while!

It took me a bit of rummaging through cupboards and the fridge before I found the perfect head: a radish!

I strung her up so she will spin -- my daughters will have fun with her in the morning.


  1. Love it! Seeing it spin really makes it work, so I appreciate the video.

    Also, quick google search says that might be a water lotus seed pod...

  2. Heidi, the seedpod is from a lotus. You can see some at Lewis Ginter. I don't remember just when they bloom, though.

  3. amazin'!
    and the flattish delight with the holes is the ovary of a lotus flower, found among lily pads such as we used to have in lake in Byrd Park before gentrification.

    Did it rattle a bit? I have found them with the seeds inside and they make nice shakers.

  4. So if she's rattling a bit, then she's making her own music, too?

    I didn't know that it was from a lotus, but how perfect that it is.

    Your ballerina is so sweet (and radishy). Hope your girls enjoyed her immensely.