Friday, February 11, 2011

Day #8: Mini Mouse

Mini-mouse on a spool of thread.
I spent today finalizing some adjustments to the stage for our new show, Little by Little. We  have a 1/6 scale model of the stage right now and need to begin building the full-size version. So I really needed to make sure the design and the proportions were correct.

Some days, you need to work on a particular aspect of a show. I really, really, really wanted to work on my mouse for today's puppet, I whipped up a mini-mouse that was proportioned for our mini-stage!

Mouse sitting in my palm.
I have several sheets of felt "swatches" that I've made from various breeds of sheep. The mouse was made from some of the felt. The gray topside is from a Jacob; the white underbelly (zoom in!) comes from a Navajo-Churro. The rod is from some scrap wire, and the only other material used is thread.

Mouse on top of a stump.

I'm feeling inspired...maybe someday I will build a toy theatre show!

OK, I took a lot of photos.

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