Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day #7: Mr. Debonair

Watch out, Zoolander!
Today's puppet was a fun collaboration with some friends. We were having a lovely evening -- Indian food, good tea, and great conversation. It's difficult to describe the exact chain of events that led us to creating the debonair gentleman to the right.

It started with my friend "Kat" being texted by her husband, "Bobby." Bobby had committed to doing a radical dietary change the following day. He was at home with the baby and had no pizza. Not a single slice. He was texting all the possible places that Kat could pick up a slice -- or burrito, or something, anything! -- for him on the way home.

We ended up talking about husbands a bit, and, well, that led to the creation of this puppet. All the materials were gathered from my friend "Linda's" house.

Thanks for the supplies, Liz, er, Linda!   

Materials: Broom, white gloves, a plastic pitcher, a cloak, a wig (from her girls' dress-up stuff), and a scarf.

The body was supported by the broom, which I had to balance precariously as my hands were doing double-duty inside the gloves.  Kim -- I mean, Kat -- took the photos from her new fancy i-Phone. (The one that Bill, I mean, Bob, was texting.)

The cutest couple!
Is it a sign that we are growing up? (I did not say: Getting old.) We drank tea, ate great food, talked and talked...and made a puppet.

We were all home before midnight.

Yep. It was a wild and crazy night.

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  1. I found your puppet project a couple of days ago and have been enjoying it ever since.

    Just now have found a few minutes to comment and had to snatch the opportunity up to say: LOVE it!