Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Update

You probably think I fell off the wagon again, but I have actually been studiously building puppets and photographing them for this blog. (Really!)

My fabulous red laptop, however, decided to go on strike (or something). She would not boot up. She turned out, but then I would click on my little icon and nothing would happen. For days now, I have been turning my computer on several times a day, crossing my fingers, saying a little prayer, sprinkling Holy Water, chanting, whatever. Today I must've done something different, because it actually worked.

So, for those of you who have been following along consider this an apology for the deluge of multiple post notices that are about to appear in your inbox.

Fingers crossed that my computer will continue to function for today!

P.S. I will be backdating the finished posts for continuity's sake. Then I think I will pick a week and call it "Summer School," where I can really catch up!

P.S. Update to my update: I've been trying to upload video clips...blogger has been slow and uncooperative. So things are taking much longer than I would like. My apologies!

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