Friday, April 15, 2011

Day #70: Flying Thomas! (A four year old's fantasy come to life...)

My younger daughter is crazy about trains. Totally. I don't know exactly how it all happened, but it did. She has a ridiculous number of trains (the "Thomas" variety -- thank you, Craigslist!) and knows all of their names. She gets so frustrated when you mix up Thomas with Edward or Gordon. (Sorry, they are all blue!). Don't mix up Percy or Henry either!

I love the way she plays with trains. They have conversations, they talk, they interact, the have arguments -- they relate! And she will do it all while wearing a pink tutu.

Yes, pink. Her favorite color.

We were talking this morning and somehow the conversation moved to trains. Somehow? No seriously, every conversation moves towards trains. Well, today we talked about how cool it would be if trains had wings and could fly. So I had to make this:

Flying Thomas!!
Made with yarn and a plastic coat hanger, because that is what I had at home.

Tricky to manipulate while holding a camera...
 But I did manage to get some footage! Can't wait to show my daughter in the morning; she will be so excited. I just hope she doesn't want me to make all of her trains fly...I'm not sure we have that many coat hangers!!


  1. Okay, that's just awesome! XD But you know Teg will want a repeat performance...

  2. I showed her the puppet this morning. Her initial reaction was to freak out. I think she thought I was torturing poor Thomas. She didn't understand what all the strings were for. She quickly recovered when she saw the flying...then she thought it would, indeed, be cool if ALL of her engines could fly. We ended up playing a game where the engines raced around the house and Thomas always won because he could fly!

    It was like Tinkerbell had visited our house!

  3. That is so freaking fantastic! My 3 y/o is Thomas-crazy - somehow the first two boys avoided the craze but it hit hard on the third. I need to remember to show this to him!

  4. Our four year old is totally Thomas crazy -- and I can't foresee a time when she will not be. I suspect that when she gets married, the decor will be Thomas themed and so will the party favors! I know that's not the case, really, but it's hard to imagine otherwise...