Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day #67: It Came From My Husband's Desk (version 2)

I was baked. Or better yet, I had baked. Two loaves of bread, two pizza crusts and crackers. Yep, crackers. The crazy things you have to do when you discover you cannot eat gluten.

I was heading to bed waaaaay too late. And I still needed to post. I sat down at my husband's desk and glanced around. I didn't think I should cut out the picture of Lanny McDonald from his 1999 ticket to the Torotonto Maple Leafs vs. the Washington Capitals game no matter how desperate I was...though I could see how quick and easy that would be to make into a puppet!

Tempting, but...

 Oh well. I looked around some more. Scissors, bills, keys, wallet, batteries, juggling balls, mouse pad, bottle caps...Hmmm....rubber bands...


A little video-recording made by my husband (um, thanks, hon, I know it's really late!):



  1. That is great! I can so easily picture the context, too. :)

  2. Ha!! I wish I could take the audio from that and set it to an alarm on my computer.