Friday, April 8, 2011

Day #64: Cast-Off (well, actually, ON)

I've collaborated on several of my posts. Today's post I created with some "help" from my four-year old.

Yep. That's my girl!
I must preface this by saying that my youngest daughter knows no fear. She is an active child who loves ice skating, gymnastics and climbing over everything. Our couch is a balance beam and a diving platform.

So, guess how she broke her finger? Doing one of these dangerous things? No. She simply fell off the couch while watching a movie with her sister. (TV is dangerous.)

She has been a trouper. We didn't even realize she had broken anything right away -- the child has a crazy high pain threshold and doesn't like anything to stop her. She never complained about the pain, but the big purple bruise and swelling finally swayed us that she needed medical attention. Now she has a lovely pink cast -- the inspiration for today's puppet!

The cast was set with her hand "bent," so there is a great angle and a spot to put a long tongue. I used a bit of yellow wool roving for hair and found some eyeballs from my "stash." Voila!

My husband was quick to point out that the cast wasn't even an hour old before it became a puppet!


  1. Aww, poor kid. Sounds (and looks!) like she's handling it well. Plus she gets a cool personal puppet. Good things come in surprising places sometimes.

  2. This almost makes me want to break a finger. Almost. Love your husband's comment!