Monday, April 4, 2011

Day #60: Winging it!

Today I have been working on an owl prototype. My materials are cardboard and duct tape.

Gotta start somewhere!

Before I make the "real" puppet, I work on the proportion of the puppet and basic movement. Of course, the movement of this puppet isn't exactly basic. In the works are blinking eyes, rotating head, and wings. Wings that fly!

OK, blinking I can do. Rotating head is easy. Wings? Not just flappy wings, but realistic flying wings.

I've spent a lot of time on You-Tube today. There are great visual references, which is what I need! These are the "wing-tips" I am saving for future reference:

Computer animated flying bird

How Bird Wings Work

The Avariel

Articulated Wings in Motion

Four Bar Mechanism



  1. Love the first mock-up! He looks good! Or is it she and the bear is male? I've forgotten...
    I'll bring the sketches today and make sure you have all the owl ones. Also I'm loving the reference, especially when the modeling parrot started talking...
    I love wings, I've always meant to make some full-size costume ones. I didn't realize you wanted these to be so realistic.

  2. This is exciting!

    You are one talented woman.