Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day #49: Ode to the Doctor!

I should preface today's post this with a confession: I really enjoy BBC shows, and Dr. Who is one of my faves. I just found out --

"WHAT? Have you been living in a hole??"

Err...yes. Well, no. Just my studio.

Going back. I just found out that there is finally a scheduled time for the new Dr. Who. It is one month from now on April 23rd. In honor of the Doctor, I have created the campiest puppet EVER.

Enjoy! And thank you, Melanie, for stopping by the studio and doing the video!


TARDIS Puppet by Heidi Rugg
Lighting by Heidi Rugg
Light Direction by Melanie Johnson
Videorecording by Melanie Johnson
Sound by Heidi Rugg
Backdrop by Heidi Rugg and Melanie Johnson


  1. *DIES* Okay, that's just awesome. I have the old 70's version of the theme song in a .wav/mp3 file I could send you...
    But I think I like your version. XD

  2. Yay! So glad you're watching the show at last!

  3. My daughter informed me that I did the music in the wrong "key." I informed her that it was supposed to sound "off." I mean, really!