Monday, March 7, 2011

Day #32: Pacific Trash Vortex Jellyfish

It's fun to recycle and create puppets. Today I was stuck at home, recovering from a nasty stomach bug...and I had to use what I have at home. We have stuff at home...but I must confess that I absolutely abhor plastic bags. We try so hard to avoid plastic, but it doesn't seem to matter because we somehow keep collecting it. We bring our own bags to the grocery store, but still our collection grows. And grows...

Have you heard about the Pacific Trash Vortex? Accounts vary in terms of the size of this giant patch of garbage that has coalesced in the Pacific Ocean. The size of Texas? Twice the size of Texas? Bigger still?

Well, point is that it, well, is.

Very scary.
So today's puppet is a tribute to the amount of plastic that we have in our house and to this growing "island" in the Pacific that I hope will never actually appear on any map.

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