Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day #28: Skating on Thin Ice...

Just returned home from a fabulous dinner at The Nile -- an Ethiopian restaurant here in Richmond. Before heading out, I wondered...could I make a puppet from Injera (the spongey pancake bread they serve). I totally meant to try it...but we, well, sort of ate it all. Oops.

So we will have to do it again and exercise more restraint...or order some to go?

For today's puppet, I walked in the door (from our fun double date with friends!) and looked around. I noticed my daughter's skate guards. Hers are pink and made from terry cloth. I've made a number of puppets using regular terry cloth and stretch terry -- it's a great nappy fabric; you can easily hide stitching.

Pink Skate Guard (Cover for the blade)
Searching for inspiration, I picked up her skate guards and started playing around with them. I ran upstairs, grabbed a sock, found an elastic hair-tie, and dug around for my sunglasses. The result: a crazy flamingo-esque creature! Works for me.

Assembling the ingredients...

I folded the skate guards to create a beak.

The mouth moves!


Stylin' with the sunglasses!

We had such a great night.....and Mango sorbet for dessert!

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  1. Your ability to create on the fly like that speaks volumes about your playful nature.

    Hanes is definitely stylin'.