Monday, February 28, 2011

Day #25: Spoonerina (or Today I Spent Too Much Time in the Kitchen...)

It's going to be a long night. I'm waiting for some bread to rise right now, and then I'll still need to bake it. I think I've finally mastered the art of making homemade, whole "grain," gluten-free bread. I used to bake fabulous whole-grain sourdough bread. I was even using the fabulous rye starter from Bread and Puppet of Glover, Vermont. I've had to unlearn that art and pick up a new one, though. One where I take really weird flours and combine them to make something that approximates the "flour" I had grown used to using.

It's quiet in the kitchen. Really nice. The girls are asleep. Sam is asleep -- necessary because I think he has come down with a nasty virus. (Again.) Ew. Tomorrow will be a loooong day, too!

So today's puppet is kitchen inspired: a lovely spoon ballerina made from plastic mesh (from bags of lemons and avacadoes), three rubberbands, a Sharpie, and, of course, a spoon!

Mesh Tutu
Lovely mesh "hairdo!"

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  1. LOVE Spoonerina.

    One day when we have some extra play time, I'm going to sit down with my 7 year old daughter and show her all of your amazing creations. I've no doubt that she will be inspired to the extreme and will go on her own puppet making adventures.