Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day #23: Slinkin' Around...

Nerf-ibi the Python
Today's puppet is inspired by another fan favorite from "Trickster Tales." Namibi the Python always gets a response from the audience! She slinks onto the stage, draping her body over the tree... We love it that we can hear the children who make excellent comments. "Is that one real?" is one of my favorites.

Anansi the Spider with Namibi the Python

Our Namibi is made the same way as "Nerf-ibi the Python." The body has a metal slinky that has been stretched out inside it and covered with fabric. The head is a Nerf ball with a felt tongue and marbles for eyes. Fun and easy to do with kids!


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  1. This made me laugh because yesterday my daughter made a lizard by cutting out a flat round circle for a head, coloring it green, adding eyes and a pink party blower for the tongue!