Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day #2: Joe-Petto

I had so much fun with the puppet project for today! There was a pan of moussaka in the oven, so the kitchen smelled fabulous. We had puppet performances today, so I needed a puppet I could make outside my studio. My inspiration for this object puppet came from stuff from the kitchen. An object puppet is exactly what it sounds like: a puppet made up from a bunch of objects. We used the camping kettle, a metal coffee cup, refrigerator magnets, and wooden salad tongs.
Implements of construction.

The main inspiration was the camping kettle. I was staring at it, and inverted it in my mind thinking about how the spout looks an awful lot like the nose...voila!
The fridge magnets were my husband's idea (he's so clever!), and we used a tablecloth for his body. The wooden salad tongs made great hands. Here is "Joe-Petto" (named after Mr. Geppetto, the puppet builder who made Pinocchio) waiting for the water to boil so he can have some coffee:
A watched pot never boils!
Finally! The coffe is ready! Joe-petto has a cup...Ahhhhhh!

Mmmmm....Good to the last drop! (Life is good...)
The moussaka was good, too.

P.S. Thank you, Sam, for helping with the puppet manipulation when two hands were not enough; thanks, Katy for being our photographer!


  1. You're so creative! I'm glad you have started a project. I hope you can come to Mekong with us this month!

  2. My pleasure! Fun to 'percolate' ideas with you! :)