Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Da Rulz

OK. One does not really need to have "rules" to do a 365 Project, it's true. But I'd like to write out a few guidelines, just for kicks. Just to have a record of where my mind has been in terms of this project.

1. Every day I post up a puppet of some sort.
2. I get to determine what constitutes a puppet.
3. If I am making puppets with other people, I might choose to post up their puppets (especially puppets I make with children -- I think it's important to show what children actually make).
4. If I go out of town, I will set up some reports to automatically post to the blog. I will still work on puppets on the days I am out of town (though it might just be sketching or working on ideas).
5. Really cool sketches with nifty mechanisms can be posted as part of the project.
6. I can change the rules at any time.

Alright...counting down the days! We launch on Friday!

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